Thursday, June 01, 2006

Why is the Chinese government siding with Iran over the nuclear power issue ? And the same with Russia. Are they simply being anti-imperialist ?
Is it because china wants to keep its oil flowing from islamic countries, or is it because it remains anti-American, and it's friends are anyone who is the enemy of America ? I think the latter, I just can't help but think that a country that has sent its armies to fight America in Korea and Vietnam can't help but harbour distrust of America. So where does that leave all the American companies that put much of their manufacturing capacity in China ?
What will happen if, say, there is a US air attack on Iranian nuclear facilities ? Will China continue siding with an Iran that decides to attack US interests in the Gulf ? Iran would probably try and blockade the Straghts of Hormuz, where most oil exports aare shipped out to East and West. Would Iran attack US warships ? Would they be able to ? So if Iran launches attacks on US forces and thus closes the output of oil, this wouldn't be in Chinas' interest, surely.
Or am I talking out of my arse.

Word of the day - BORED.
This evening I may ride my bike, then sit in the garden.


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