Thursday, December 19, 2002

Went to Bolton at lunchtime yesterday, bought Dad a bodywarmer & coat from M&S, the home of crinklies fashion.
The saga of the terrible training sessions. They continue. Last night was 1 3/4 hours, ending in a supoosed 5 mins at 94% of my max heart rate. Well, the previous 8 mins at 90% was sooo hard, did between 80 and 88% hitting 90% a few times, with bits of freewheeling and lots of huffing and puffing. Felt quite tired afterwards. I was going to have a good session in the bar, but after a couple of pints went to bed ! I got a mail from Mr. Coach this morning, these high intensity sessions are a tester, it should have been a hard start to the week ! (Quite correct) The sessions may not get harder than Mondays, which is a relief ! He does say that he believes in adding intensity sooner rather than later and simulating adaption in that way. I suppose what he means is that my body will accustom itself to a high level of work now, so when I have to work hard in the weeks to come it will be prepared. I must say I felt better about completing yesterdays session, well, except the last 5 min at 94% became 3 mins at between 85 and 90%. Another good point is that I didn't want to stay drinking in the bar, and got an early night after all. I hope tonight won't be an early one, at least not early to sleep, but early to bed is good, but not under the sheets, leave the light on and not on my own. Heres hoping.

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Yesterday I left at 15.30, dropped laptop off at hotel, then down to Parkers. As I was going past Sandbach, it was 16.40, I began to think I wouldn't make it before 17.30, closing time ! I did though after a luckily clearish drive along the roads off junction 14. Bought their last Polar S710 HR monitor, for my Xmas present from everybody. So thats one less thing to find, all now is an extra little thing for Hazel, and something for Dad like a nice jacket. Then after my mad dash to Parkers I went off to the circuits, got there just afer seven, straight into a nasty routine; a competiotion consisting of 25 press-ups, 15 burpees, 25 sit-ups, 10 shuttle runs and 25 star jumps. What fun. I came last, all 3 times. 75 press-ups ugh. I was really slow as usual, but noticed I was the only one doing full press-ups, not just a quick arm-bend thing. The tubo session was bliss (well, relatively) after that. A 15 minute 'maddison' with Brian, followed by 2 sets of 30 sec sprints from a standing start, then a 40 secs. Then 2 mins 100+ rpm in big gear, 30 secs off, 2 mins on. Eurgh, then a 120 mile drive back to Horwich. What fun. didn't get off to sleep too well, ended up reading Seutonis at 0145. Think I got off about 0200. Eurgh. Must have an early night tonight, maybe go to the Trafford centre and buy Dad a jacket and other stuff.

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

I wrote this on Tuesday, 12 March this year;
''Uncertainty, uncertainty & uncertainty.
My whole life is uncertainty,
Personal life,
Sport and work.
The whole thing is uncertain, riven with doubts, fear and self-doubt. ''.
Nothing much has chnaged in the last 9 months I see.
Wah, intensive training in mid December ? That can't be right ? Last night I was scheduled by that fun-filled joker aka my coach to do the following, beleive it or not;
10 minutes warming up, then 5 minutes at level 4 (between 82% and 89% max HR) 2 minutes at level 3 (between 89% and 94% max HR) then 30 seconds flat-out sprint, then 3 minutes rest. OK I can do that, but to then repeat it 8 times ? The first session I got HR up to 144-148 during the 5 minutes, then to 153 in the two minutes then sprinted. Next session legs hurt and I struggled. So ended up just doing 4 sessions. I am not used to this level of work in the winter, and certainly not on Mondays when I either rest or just do steady stuff ! Then I went shopping, but Middlebrook was busy because of a football match so went to Asda in Bolton, not so good as Middlebrook. Bought �50 worth of spirits and crisps. Then early to bed and had a decent sleep, but a bit cold. Text from H.
More intensive work for the rest of the week, but not so bad as last night, thankfully. Maybe going to Parkers to buy a Polar S710 hr monitor.

Monday, December 16, 2002

Monday, Friday was a good night, wekll good in the sense of getting really drunk and making a fool of myself. Sung 'Common People' on the karaoke, danced and drank vodka followed by a fair amount of wine. Then I think I went to the bar at the hotel but went to bed early as my bill was only 4 quid, suggesting a moderate intake of alcohol. I did bring a pair of road wheels with a half-arsed plan of going out for a ride around the moors on Saturday moring but I forgot pump and spare tyres so luckily avoided that. I drove back across Snake Pass and down through the Peak. I think that is still my favourite area and must take David for a trip over Christmas. Sunday was the club AGM held in Beckets, and theb a VERY wet ride around Knowle, lanes past Hatton, Lowsonford. Coming back from seeing Dad I stopped at the little shop on Pershore Road that is always lit up nicely, bought some gold bows for the mirror over the fireplace, little lights and a nice gold vase, mainly to put the gold twigs Jayne bought in.
And a very strange dream last night; I was living somewhere (A hotel ? On holiday in a hotel ?) and I wasn't me, or rather didn't want to be me. but Jayne was looking for me, and set some private detectives onto me. So I tried to get away from the hotel, and along a slope ? A beach ? Some people follwed me, they were detectives. All odd.