Friday, June 06, 2003

Oh and Thursday went to Watford for the day, back again next week.
Friday. In the office. On Monday I sort of arranged a trip up North. Driving into Leamington on Monday morning I decided not to go, rung the project guy and said there is no real stuff I could do, so I'll book the rest of the week on holiday, as I feel pretty frazzled. So arranged that, then called the office to confirm and no, there is some urgent work just come in. Waited a while and it was confirmed, so the outcome was Tuesday and Wednesday hols, Thursday into Watford. So I went to M42 services at Hopwood, booked a night at the serviced apartments in Manchester. Had a slow drive to Parkers. Where I arranged to bring my Look in to get triple bb put in to try and sort out the chain alignment. Then up the A41 to Warrington, under the Mersey to Liverpool. Into Manchester. Sorted out my apartment & went and picked up Hazel. Then she was impressed with the apartment ! Big room which was a kitchen/diner, and bathroom and bedroom.Eat & went for a wander around and a few drinks.
Wednesday morning wandered around Afflecks Palace, then took H home, then back myself. went to the bash but no-one there.

Monday, June 02, 2003

Monday. In Leamington.
Well, what fun. Rode the track ! First time ever, did 3 events - 8 lap (not last ) 2 lap (last !) unknown distance (not last & had a go on the front, swung up the banking like a trackie !). Then Martin Osman crashed, & had to help sort his stuff out, but felt shook up so wouldn't have raced after that whatever.
Saturday, picked up Peter and to Priors Marston. Rode the 4 mile TT, into the wind, mostly uphill finishing up a hill. did 10.50, beat Peter. Not a bad time. Then the RR, did 1 lap, blew out the back up the 1 in 5 hill. Just could'nt push it. Carried on, ambled round 1 lap, the 2nd race came past, tagged onto some back markers for the last lap, dropped them. The finish was up a twisty steep narrow track ! Odd. Home, had a bit of the squits.
Very hot day, 28C, arms red !
Sunday collected Peter. Started epic 65 miler, up to Fosse Way, along to Kineton then up Edge Hill. Long 1 in 6, someone crashed at the bottom, had to sprint to get on, then tried for my lowest gear, got it, then it jumped, I had to stop and put chain back onto next smallest. The big mistake was using too high a gear, all the rest had 23 or 25 lowest. I had 21, which I couldn't even get so had to use 19. Which wasn't low enough. Stayed close behind them, I think if I tried hard I could have caught them, but wasn't really in the mood. Over the top someone who was brought down in the crash came past being towed by the support car, I tagged along, was doing 46 downhills, but jst couldn't be bothered. Hada nice amble back to the changing rooms. Took Peter home. Then my eyes itched & swole in the evening. Still a bit swolen now.
I must get my head together which seems to be the main problem, I could have kept on both days if I wanted.