Thursday, April 21, 2005

Its all over with Hazel.
I can't believe it really, she wanted this, making out its down to me, she sent me a mail saying 'its not all you i have so much going wrong in my life at the moment that i am not myself'.
Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.
Monday evening I drank wine & whisky.
I had a email telling me to see a doctor, I obviously have something wrong. So I did on Tuesday, and I'm clinically depressed. Ho hum.
Wednesday had to give a talk on 'business intelligence' at one of our open days, scary.
Made another appointment with the doctor as I forgot on Tuesday, he wanted to see me again in a few days. Feel odd.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Gloom and doom.
On Friday I felt bad all day. Called her in the evening she said hello & cut me off. called and txted her no replt. I sent text saying I have deleted he number & wouldn't bother her any more. I sent an email saying she lied to get things out of me. The effects of alcohol, that was totally bad of me and now I've sobered up I feel terrible about it. Too late now. Got a text about relationships last night, looks like I'm history.I think I had to do it, I was simply getting too wound up about everything. Saturday kept off the sauce.
Sunday morning, a bit of fun with Jayne, the first since 1993 ? Or even before moving into this house ? Blimey, all that I have gone through because of that. Sex.
Anyhoo, took David to see 'Downfall' yesterday, a film about the last days of Berlin, in the Hitler Bunker. It was in German with subtitles, very powerfull and enjoyable stuff. No sauce last night either. Which is good.