Monday, October 30, 2006

I really am a lazy slacker. As I've either worked at home, or been on-site or in France I have been too idle to blog.
What can I say ? Bugger-all. and what has transpired ?
Drove to airport, flew to Schipol. Lift, eventually, to office off boss. Nice review. To hotel, drank too much, slept in ! Office, airport, back to Brum, drove all the way to tunnel sous la Manche, to some horrible hotel called Formule1:

Stayed in a room like a cell, no toilet, smelly sink. Then on to Paris. Stopped in a slightly (not much) Etap hotel, had to park up a side road. Out to a brasserie, then to an Italian Restuarant where i had a pastis, pizza and damn fine bottle of red. Except my credit cards wouldn't work ! Much embarrasment, but the boss said don't worry ! So I had a free meal ! Another day of work fun, then off to Beavais via a long drive. More wine, in a horrible formule1, then lazy drive to near Calais, went to look at Blockhaus, which i thought would be just some WW2 defence thing, but was a massive bunker where V2 rockets were prepared and fired. Walking around the massive concrete structure was spooky, knowing what it was used for.

Then home. Then a week on holiday doing nothing much, a couple of mtb rides round Lickey, saw Dad, bought a cupboard thing for David from Ikea. Ho hum.