Friday, April 14, 2006

Ooh, stuff that isn't paranoi about the enemy from the East !
Listening to some RockaBilly stuff on a playback from the Mark Radcliffe Show, The Rev. Horton Heat. Bostin !
How do you spell paranoia ? Not like that. Watched Howl's Moving Castle, excellent Manga.
More hangings and stonings of innocents in various shit-holes alias islamic countries. But good news ! The European Parliament (?) has called for islamic terrorists to be referred to as 'bad people that just happen to not be Christians , which isn't to say that what they do is in any way connected with thier religion'.
So thats all right. The IRA were only people that may or may not be Irish that attacked innocent Britains. And Iran has been given 100 weeks to prove that they are only enriching uranium for peaceful purposes.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Lets hope the superior firepower of the USs nukes can stop the mad mullahs from the islamical suicide..

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Today the Iranians announce they have purified Uranium, to 3%. Which is just about fissionable in a reactor, but not a bomb. Is this a smokescreen to say, yes we have purified uranium, but obviously can't build a bomb ? I took the USA a year to enrich enough uranium to make a reactor, then a couple of years to enrich sufficient for a bomb. But that was 60 years ago.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Iran seem to be trying to develop a nuclear weapon, as has Pakistan. So. Should Irans nuclear plans be destroyed ? If so, why not Pakistan's too ? Both are islamicist countries that embrace that idiotic view of the world, that we are all muslims, and those that renounce it deserve to die. So, if us in the West destroy Iran's nuclear plants, what will Pakistan do ?
Thinking of this as a soldier, if I was the Iranians I would expect an attack, and move/hide/pre-empt by maybe doing what I built the weopons for, such as attacking Israel, as an attack on Europe is just about impossible, and an attack on the US certainly is. So why develop a nuclear weapon ? The Israelis and South Africans did as a means of defence, but why do that in Iran ?

Sunday, April 09, 2006

I Like this pic, moohamed married a 6 year old, and shagged her when she was 9 !
Kiddy diddler !
Tuesday is muhaneds birthday (Not my friend Mohamed, its the chap that wrote the koran, in spite of being illiterate)

So, from this site;

Here are some things I will do/already have done to celebrate;
-buying/eating pork
-posting Mo's cartoons online in as many places as possible
-buying books authored by Andrew Bostom, Robert Spencer or Mark Alexander
-sending money to Mr. Spencer to support Jihadwatch
-buying lots of Danish beer, and then consuming most of it on Tuesday
-ridiculing the whole silly notion of Mohammedism in any way possible

Another one

A Moohamed pic