Friday, February 11, 2005

Today is Friday.
Wednesday I left at 5, and did the slog up the M6. We went for a nice meal at Deckers, then I left & stayed at Monton the crap hotel. I ripped my jacket earlier on, and texted a text about rotten drive and spoiling my jacket. That set off a frenzy of texts, becoming more nasty.
So not a good night. Then in the morning rushing off I left my washing stuff in the bathroom.
Weight is going down, 13st 1lb this morning, last weekend was 13st 8lb.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Oh, and what I was also pissed off about, I left with David's old mountain bike, which I am giving to Elouise, and my paintbox. So, I went home at dinnertime to fetch them, which bollocksed my plans of working through dinner and leaving early. What ! What the fuck ? I work long enough hours not to bother about a few minutes here and there.
Wdnesday. And I'm pissed off.
My laptop is fucked, big-style.
Big-style ? What the hell am I talking like an illiterate chav for ?
No, my laptop is well and truly fucked. The mod. bay drive, whre all my databases etc reside is unreadable. It just went pop yesterday afternoon, and it seems unreadable. Well I hope its recoverable.
I actually went to the gym on Monday and have begun eating less. Well, except for Monday evening, as the boss gave us all two bottles of wine as we did so well last year.
So when I arrived home after collecting Joanne from college, I sat and drank both of them, and eat lots of cheese too.
Today I am going to see Hazel, taking up Davids old mountain bike, and my old sable paintbrushes. We might go out for a meal, but I wnt to go back afterwards, I want to go to the gym tomorrow, so no late night drinking wine.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Oh, and I had all sorts of back-aches last night, it kept waking me up. I suspect its lack of exercise. Well I hope it is.
Monday. where do I start. What do I say ? Feel pretty pissed off with myself. I have done nothing for the past 3 weeks. Using a bit of back pain as an excuse not to train. Train ? Ha.don't make me laugh, I am so unfit and overwieght it won't be training that I do, it will be light exercise. Weight is now 86Kg, nearly my record of 88Kg I hit in 2000. How have I let myself go so much ? heres a clue, i said to Jayne last weekthat I'm trying to get my weight up to 15st. for a laugh. She didn't bat an eyelid. So she is happy for me to turn into a slipper-wearing sort of Homer simpson blimp. So in that environment, its difficult to fight against the prevaling trend. But I will, beginning today. Get back down to ender 80Kg, say 78Kg, which is 12st 4lbs, meaning i have to loose 8kg, 1st 4lbs. Had a nice chat to Hazel yesterday. She is sorting her house out now Eloise has a house.I am also pissed off with my 3Pay mobile. It seems to run out of voice minuts sooo quickly. And there are so few places to buy a top-up.I must go to the gym toight, I really must, even though the boss just gave us all 2 ottles of wine for all the hard work we put in last year.Friday night drank a bottle of Hoegaarden, a bottle of red, 2 tins of lager and a glass of Baileys. Hmm, far too much. Finished Half-life 2 on Sunday morning ! So now what shall I do ? The whole lot again at the hardest level I suppose. David is playing it now.We went to look at cars on Saturday, the Mitsubushi Shogun Pinin was very dissapointing, far to small, with the drivers seat set for me there was noroom in the back, and the boot was tiny. The proper Shogun is nice, but too pricey, even the 3-door model. As luck would have it, driving throughBromsgrove on the way, we noticed a Hyundai dealers. Went there and looked at the Tuscon, really quite nice !