Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Wdnesday. And I'm pissed off.
My laptop is fucked, big-style.
Big-style ? What the hell am I talking like an illiterate chav for ?
No, my laptop is well and truly fucked. The mod. bay drive, whre all my databases etc reside is unreadable. It just went pop yesterday afternoon, and it seems unreadable. Well I hope its recoverable.
I actually went to the gym on Monday and have begun eating less. Well, except for Monday evening, as the boss gave us all two bottles of wine as we did so well last year.
So when I arrived home after collecting Joanne from college, I sat and drank both of them, and eat lots of cheese too.
Today I am going to see Hazel, taking up Davids old mountain bike, and my old sable paintbrushes. We might go out for a meal, but I wnt to go back afterwards, I want to go to the gym tomorrow, so no late night drinking wine.


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