Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Tuesday in Brierley hill.
Well, at least I'm off to Dartford tomorrow afternoon for a day there on Thursday. Last Friday, in the office, in for a sales metting to quote for some custom changes, started at 11.30, then went on without a brak until 18.30. Blimey. So rushed to Asda and bought 2 bottles of red. Home and drank them. Both.Not much on Saturday, a few tins of lager. Dad for dinner on sunday. Helped David put a light in the loft in the afternoon.Monday evening down the gym.

Quite surprised at my resing heart rate; 50. Seeing as apart from a 38 mile slow ride and 2 sessions at the gym, I have done nothing since mid October. Well, apart from a couple of walks
in the mountains, including a scramble to try & get to the glacier coming off the Western side of the Eiger, which was very stupid, but fun.


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