Thursday, October 21, 2004

Sent a text yesterday evening saying lets meet tomorrow evening at that quiet little pub in Sharston. Got a reply saying I'm at art class. - What ? Do art classes not finish until after the pubs shut ?
Pity really. She won't ever see me again. Im on holiday next week, then in Dartford then.... boss comes along and says there is work in Switzerland.
So as far as I know, from 8th November, I'll be in Switzerland every week until Christmas. Excellent. Shame about the weight training, but I hope it will take the pressure off me with Hazel, and i can finally forget her. In spite of the nice texts she sent today, only because I sent her a rose in a moment of idiocy.
Anyhoo. Car fucked. Into get some minor thing done yesterday, called to say couldn't fix it. They still got it, so I'm driving a little Honda Jazz.
And I'm fucking well driving it to Manchester tonight, to stay at a Travelodge and have some fun. Which should also help wash that woman out my mind.



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