Friday, January 24, 2003

Oh, apart from the healthy alcohol-less week I eat too many crisps and cheese, as a sort of alcohol substitute I suppose.
Friday. At Brieley Hill meeting again some of the people I last worked with four years ago, in the same building I last worked at in January 1999. How odd. Feeling odd, about Wednesday night, took H back home Thursday morning. Then I-R in Ireland said they have finished with me, despite 30 days left to run on the contract. I really would like to stay because of H, but lifes just isn't like that. Just drank a bottle of pils lager and a bottle of red on Wednesday and had a relatively early night and slept well ! Went to do a THREE HOUR turbo session last night but just couldn't cut it. After 20 mins, 16 mins, 14 mins, 12 mins I lost it. Did 1 hour 30 in the end, slowly cooled down. Then had an early night except for the twat next door coming in at 11.15 & putting his tv on loud, I banged on the wall and shouted. He didn't turn it down until 00.10. Next time I'll get dressed & bang on his door. I must ask who had the room next time. This isn't the first time, I suspect it is the thin Geordie, he is a bit deaf. Did an 'admin' day today, so left Horwich just after 9, up through Bromley Cross and over the hills, down the M66, M60, M57 and over Langdendale, M1, A38, Derby ring road to duffield & meandered through the lanes ending up at Ashbourne. Nice run, nice country.
Feel sort of off just now, probably because of the seriousness of my relationship with H and all it implies, the probable end of working at Horwich, and the uncertainties of working for this bunch where I am now. ho hum Now for the weekend.

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Problem in posting yesterday. Whatever. Today is another day and last evenings fun was horrible. I must have done over 80 press-ups, three on the circuits then an extra little bit of fun. 1st circuit was 45 secs exercise (Star jumps, dips, shuttle runs, ab curls, forward lifts, step-ups, shuttles again, press-ups) 15 sec rest, next was 60 secs 15 rest, final was 75 15. Totally knackering. Did 20 press-ups each time. Then an extra with 30 secs star jumps, 30 secs press-ups, 30 secs squat thrusts, 30 secs stars again. What a torture. I had better do well in races or all this is for nothing. The turbo session was bad, 3 sets of going down 5 gears, keeping 90-100 rpm with 3 5 sec sprints in each gear 1st, then 3 7 secs and finally 3 10 secs. It hurt.
Nice drive up, up later (06.20) and Tamworth, Alrewas, A515, Waterhouses, Morridge through the mist, Buxton & M60.
Eschewed the Swallow in favour of the 4 star DeV Whites last nigh. A little bit of luxury, I should have gone for a massage & back and leg wax while I was there, but that would have cost over �50 and I'm feeling a little bit strained, especially after spending �300 on wheels etc last week, then �150 on a new mattress for Joanne on Saturday. Bought a big bag of crisps and cheese and some carrots & peas, eat the lot watching tv. Woke up this morning & had to go for a crap double quick, I won't scoff so many crisps again ! Worse than too much beer ! Feel good, no doubt as I didn't knock back 2 bottles of red last night. Resting heart rate is between 45 and 47. Did a 'fitness test' on the HRM which is supposed to give a predicted VO2 max. which gave 62. It was 60 mid Dec. So I'm probably getting fitter. Resting HR is 48 this morning. It does seem lower at 17.00. Tonight is circuits & group turbo riding, Wed nothing, Thu is a horrible 3 hours. Not really looking forward to that.
I think H wants to see me again this week. David is better and Joanne doesn't seem to be coming down with it yet.

Monday, January 20, 2003

And another Monday. Thursday evening was good, went off and collected H, then an enjoyable night at the Swallow. Back into the office for 10. 2 bottles of wine and a stunted turbo session, just did 50 minutes hard, with a couple of minutes flat out. Sat did as I was told, 2 hours at level 2/3, well 2 hrs 10 min, and Sunday. Saturday night felt lousy, the thought of getting up early & going out then having to rush back to collect Dad. And felt bad about going out on Sat morning with David still ill. Anyway, left 'em at Harvington and powered up the by-pass at 22 mph, slogged up to Astwood Bank & plodded back past Tardebigge & so on. David is much better, Joanne complained of a sore throat yesterday. Feel tired now, from last week Monday drank too much and late night, Tuesday circuits and hard turbo work, OK sleep, Wed drank too much and late night, Thursday drank too much and very late night. Friday and Sat OK sleep, last night up at 05;45 so insuffient. Booked into a good hotel with comfy beds so tonight the plan is for a very early night and lots of sleep.