Friday, July 29, 2005

What happened Wednesday ---
Sent txt Monday. No reply. Sent nice email Wednesday as i was feeling good about Hazel.
Tried to call in the evening, no answer. Left message asking if OK. Texted no reply.
Texted about 'cousin' Billy Kiddy-didler, got a reply ! Texted that she is trailer trash. Which sums her up, got a reply can't remember what it was, something about me calling her next day, when I feel better, as if.
Its all over now for sure. Erased all her details from mobile.Set her to junk mail in msn. Deleted all her pics from lap top.
Got a bit pissed Wednesday too !

Monday, July 25, 2005

Adventures in the Agean.
Yesterday I went to a wild Cycladian Island, Kithnos a 3 hour trip (75 nautical miles) from Pireaus.
Friday evening I bought a posy t-shirt and collected my Oakley sunglasses, evetually, as the optician had sent them back to the factory so he personally collected them and took them to me at the hotel, where I had a nice cheese toasty and glass of beer. Followed by a few more. Beers, not toasties.
Saturday down to Piraeus, finally decided on Kythnos, because there were seats on the boat. 7.45 departure though. Wandered round the ships chandlers shops, nice port holes !
Back to hotel via buying supplies from supermarket. And some nice Thracian Red. Watched the Tour. Brilliant. Then walked & bought an English paper, had a couple of beers, back to hotel, drank wine & intended to watch film, 13 days, but got a bit bored so onto internet. Finished off wine & bottle of wheat beer, so in my fuddled state went to Bar21, where it seems I lost my credit card, as I discovered the next morning on Kythnos. But they took it to the hotel. Somehow got up at 5.30 and got on the boat.
Arrived and had a frappe, which is horrible. Then out of idiocy decided to go for a long walk, with 40+ and no shade on a rocky island. Bad idea on top of the alcohol.
So I felt worse & worse, was sick, lots, green stuff. Eventually got back and had some cokes. Felt bit better, then at 19.40 boat not there, eventually a boat came at 20.15, but not my boat, that came & had to wait for the other boat. Left after 21.00, which worried me as it is a 3 hour trip and the last metro goes about 12. Sick on the boat. Legged it to the metro station, caught the last train with 4 minutes to spare. Got back to hotel at 01.30. Phew. Luckily, the receptionist had; my credit card; & some asprin !
Thereby hangs a tale, don't drink so much, and heat effects me, but not in a good way !