Friday, March 28, 2003

Friday, no posts for a week. Because my own pc is fucked. It broke last Saturday evening after I took off the power supply to try and see why the fan isn't working. So it wouldn't boot up afterwards. Thats that then.
Sunday I raced. 44 miles on a flat course with a few dodgy bits going through some villages. Didn't really try. Got to the start almost too late and just didn't feel like racing, I didn't raise a sweat. Nic sunny day though, and mild !
Monday off up to Grimsby to do a shitty job, stayed the night and went to look at the blast furnaces at Scunthorpe, before that plant is closed.
No training this week except for a hard session at Primrose Hill on Tuesday. Wednesday was going to be a hectic day in Leamington, up to Horwich, Thursday over to Doncaster and back to Horwich for Thursday evening. But no, agreed I spend Wed, Thu and Fri in Leamington.
During Wenesday I panicked as I couldn't get funny German characters printing on the documents. Not a good day.
So, drove up to Horwich via collecting H on the way. Yet another late night in the bar, 0130 ! with vodkas and red bulls. Total cost �76. So over �20 on booze. Oh dear. The drive back to Sharston atfer leaving the Swallowfield at 0900 was great, then going down the M6 back to Leamington was really good, made it back for 1105 ! The best time yet. But this is just too much rushing around, going to try and arrange something a little bit more relaxed some time soon.
Big race on Sunday, the BC Masters serieas, with a hill in it !