Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A view of the Malverns from South Worcester, January 1st 2010

Blimey. Twenty Ten
Christmas - eat too much, didn't drink that much really, no hangovers ! Which was nice, but pretty boring. Cold, snow and ice, no cycling, not even on the turbo.
Got a Panasonic Lumix G1 digital camera, good pics, far better than the Fuji S9600 I stupidly bought back in 2007. What a poor camera, then when something got inside the lens Fuji said it would cost 99 quid plus post to clean. Ha.

Did a drive out to Watford Gap to het some pics looking North to Lichfield, with the Peak District just about in view on the horizon, then on New Years Eve drove to the Clees for some great pics;

on New Years Day walked up Malvern (Worcestershire Beacon) in the cold and ice;

And today - clear bright morning (at 0800) -3C, then snow most of day, about 4 inches deep right now, and still snowing.


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