Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Blimey, Blogger in die deutsch.

Tuesday. In Neunegg, Switzerland.
So, it really happened, I am in the land of alpenhorns and cuckoo clocks ! Seen a cuckoo clock for sale at the airport, but no alpenhorns so far. Trying to learn some German.
On Sunday 7th Nov. I drove up to Manchester Airport, there I met Hazel for the first time in almost three months
The flight was OK, but landing made my ears very sore. Taxi to a hotel in Confignon, nowhere open, no food but luckily I took as sandwich from the flight.
Monday, a lift to our Geneva office, a brief explanation of what I am to do, then collected my car, Alfa-Romeo 158S, very nice ! Followed this Swiss to Neunegg near Bern.
Just went to bed in the evening. Got lost trying to find the hotel, took about 40 minutes of driving round Bern to find it.
Tuesday, work. Then had a few beers and a bottle of wine and a �cheese platter� (a few slivers of cheese and some salad), cost a lot of Swiss Francs. Could buy the same in a shop for a fiver. Which is why I tend to buy my own wine, in all hotels, rather than pay �18 for a poor bottle of wine that would cost �2 in a shop, and after what hotel John said, probably cost the hotel 50p.
Wednesday work, bough wine from the supermarket.
Thursday, work. Walked into central Bern, had a pizza & eat it standing up, back to hotel. Drank wine and beer. Then a walk up the road, very late, everything shut.
Friday, drove back to Geneva, parked the car, flight back. Ears hurt again. Left car-park card in the machine, had to go all the way back from the car park to sort it out, home really late.
Saturday, eugh. David had his music lesson, so no lazy morning. Had to take the cat to the vets, then went out and bought new taps for the bathroom. Went to fit on the sink, realised I need a tap wrench, so bought one (�5.99) from Dennings. And driving back I said to David � I hope it fits ! Well it didn�t. So out to Great Mills and bought and adjustable tap wrench that allows access to awkward places, like sinks. �22.99. Blimey. The taps cost �85, so that�s �100 spent today !
That fitted, so replaced the taps, they look splendid !
Bought some McEwans export to drink and drank it. Called Hazel.
Sunday, well, just got ready and up to see Dad, then Mcr,-� Geneva, --� Bern. 10 hours of travelling, Drove 90 miles to Mcr, flew 900 miles to Geneva, drove 100 miles to Bern.
Monday, work, walked into Bern, had a stand up pizza, the shop was closed where I saw the wireless internet usb thing last week. Back to hotel, found my new room has an analogue connection anyway. Bed early as I felt so tired.
Tuesday so far, met my German colleagues. Might have some wine later.