Sunday, September 12, 2004

I got up and wrote here a letter saying a few of my feelings yesterday morning. But the more I think about this the more angry I get, realising she took me for a ride and a complete and utter fool, inveigling money, mobile fones, presents & nights out from me, on top of paying her bloody mobile bill since late last year. Shit, I wonder what arrangements & people she talked to using my money ? This has got me so mad, now I'm not going to send the bracelet back, simply tell her I threw it out on the M6. I will wait until tomorrow evening or Tuesday evening, then I'll ditch her from the comfort of the Rowhill, and go and enjoy a couple of hours in the spa afterwards ! So she will spend the evening in her horrible little council house, and I will lounge in a 5 star hotel spa, and I'll tell her so, I want to really twist the knife. I am so embittered that she ripped me off, then just totally didn't bother with my birthday, the nasty horrible tart.