Wednesday, February 16, 2005

So much for getting fit and losing weight. Diet has been rubbish these past few days, and as for getting fit, what a farce that is. I seem to have no enthusiasm for riding my bike or going to the gym.
Saturday, took David for a walk on the Lickey hills, as he is really odd just now, I guess its puberty and all those hormones, but he really has to sort out a hobby or sport. Saturday evening drank beer. What a surprise.
Sunday collected Dad for dinner. Then took him home, and continued Northwards !
Up through Walmley, Lichfield, the nice road to Ashbourne, Buxton, Glossop and round the M60 finally arriving at Sharston !
Had a real good night at the Golden tulip, with a view of the Man. Utd. ground out our window. Pink champagne !
Had a nice day on Monday, walked round the Trafford Centre, visited her sister Madeline, went to some other shops, and went to see her son Colin at his house. Then back down the M6.Tusday in office trying to put back all the stuff on my laptop, the mod bay blew up last week. Then, bought a few tins of beer.