Friday, December 01, 2006

Good News !

Two things, which on first reading seem bad, are in fact, good !

One, the Eurofighter debacle. The Saudis may not buy this heap of integrated product of a single happy Europe. Which may seem bad for the British defence industry. Hold on, what British defence industry ? If there is such a thing, how come British troops are being supplied with substandard ammunition made in Pakistan ?

The other is the Airbus Mighty Plane, that has had many orders cancelled because the project is running late.

These are the two flagships of European integration, designed by a team of people from across Europe, the parts manufactured across Europe and assembled in, I think, France. If they fail, as seems likely, the idea of an integrated Europe will take a mighty knock.
Wanker of The Week

Whoever this is, she features on the West Midlands Regional Assembly website.
West Midlands what ? Another drain on our taxes.

These people had a nice time eating and drinking at our expense to make West Midlands Climate Change Declaration.
Bunch of arses.

A couple of days in Swinton, nice stay at Isis Hotel, Bolton Road, Swinton. In a fairly run-down area where once a mighty coal mine was, there is this gem of a hotel and Italian restuarant. I recommend the pizza quattro formaggio with a South African Pinot Noir.
Saw Hazel yesterday evening.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

So, the Boy prepared for A level Physics and chemistry by taking a double science GCSE, whatever that is. Whatever it was wasn't sufficient preparation for studying science at A level. So we had his predicted possible grades and the level of effort he is putting in for each the subjects he is studying for at AS leve. And they were all, with the exception of chemistry, A or B grades, with an effort level of 1. Except chemistry, which he has a predicted C, effort of 2. Now, I really think this is down to the lack of depth of the GCSE science course. Well, we go to see his tutors this evening, I will ask his chemistry tutor what additional work he could do, and how i could help him. Well I studied chemistry as an undergraduate, so hopefully I can help.

Word of the day - Fuckbottles. (again)
Shit and fuck to everything.

Sit at the desk in bedroom, trying to work, bored and drink vodka. Which hasn't gone down too well with Her Indoors. Post on a US cycling forum, now threatened with a ban because of my anti French comments. Which is odd, as I have never made any real anti French comments, except for the usual 'cheese eating surrender monkeys' stuff. Which is just a joke. Blimey, some people should either get out more, or get a life. Some dumb fat tart in a little pretend sports car blew her horn at me, for some unknown reason. I just waved at her. Should have noted he number, found her car and let the tyres down. Meeting the boy's tutors this evening to see how he is progressing with his studies. I just think he isn't doing enough homework. Was going to go out and do a ride on Saturday, so got bike out ready, and left it there. Still there now getting wet. Was going to spend yesterday climbing in the Arans, but didn't. I am such a lazy get. Going to Manchester tomorrow, so will go and see H.