Thursday, October 20, 2005

Thursday and i'm on holiday for a weekafter today.
Hoo-fucking ray. No more booze those, Mrs. is not very happy.
My new Planet-X frame arrived at the office on Tuesday. Brilliant.
But also had a right ripping off for drinking so much on tuesday evening.
My fault, I should have stopped long before now. 2 bottles of red Monday evening.
Thats about it. Have to build up bike, and oh yes, do some training !

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Wierd dreams - Was on holiday by the sea, went to look, misty. Next day could see an island close to shore, saidI could swim to it. Later walked by island, could cross to it, walked to top, found some money hidden in a hole by the top, waved to house where we were staying. Went in a shop, walked along to try and find path back, got on a good track that had bits subsiding over a cliff, followed track that became a road to a village, went through village but track petered out. Back to village, on road to island.
Next dream - was in a chinese or indian restaurant. Had food, a lager, ordered another one when the chap with us did, waited, went to bar, paid for lager and got a CD, asked for a glass and waited, waiter gave me a vinyl record, got a dirty glass and went in toilet to wash it. Woke up.