Saturday, May 20, 2006

Its raining. But tonight its Eurovision !

Friday, May 19, 2006


This happy character is Mr. Lordi, from Finland. And he is going to be singing finlands entry for The Eurovision Song Contest, my favourite tv fest ! And heres his fellow singers;

Continuing with a Scandinavian theme, we went to Ikea yesterday evening, so as the fruit of my loins could buy plates and cups and stuff for her flat. Yes, she is moving to Bristol with the trainee dentist, they are renting a flat.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The New state Religion;
Is it shopping ?
Visiting garden centres ?
No, its that most boring of pastimes, football. And this summer being the World cup, it means that the sport of commoners will be almost unavoidable. Even Marks and Spencers are selling
tacky St. George football accessories. What does someone like me, that dislikes football, do ?
Where can I go to escape the relentless nonsense ?
Ha. Thursday. And so its Thursday, and what have you done ?
Bugger-all really. Worked late on Tuesday due to problems with the documents in lovely Leamington, so didn't ride the team time trial. They probably did better without me slowing them down. Did manage a trip to Fred Williams at lunchtime to pick up a new pair of cheap Mavic wheels and 2 light plastic bottle cages and 2 chainrings. My Campag chainrings on my Tifosi are well worn, they have done quite a few miles on the road and the turbo since 2002 !
Did a steady plod to Storrage, Ryknield St and Watery Lane. Then put tyres on Mavics, and chainrings on Tifosi.

Wednesday hied me to Leamington, for a last-ditch attempt to get the documents working. Sort of did that, but not happy about the whole thing.

And yesterday it rained, it rained all afternoon and evening. So that means a hosepipe ban is on its way. What happens when the organisations that provide our clean water and remove our waste are driven by the profit motive ? Hosepipe bans and warning that all new houses will be built with showers and no baths. I'm all for profits, but supplying us with lifes basic utilities should be a service, not a commercial operation. Same goes for gas and electric. Selling off the utilities may have pulled in lots of money and enriched many of us, but in the long-term, I think it may be viewed as a complete disaster.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I used to read, and enjoy, The Independant. It had good writers and a new slant on the World.
But it seems to have drifted into leftishnesh.
Today The Independant is edited by Bono !
Who ?
Bono !
Some has-been pop singer, famous for wearing dark glasses and espousing good causes.What next, The Times edited by Mick Jagger ? That would be worth reading. But bono, oh for fucks sake.
Yesterday was a fun day in Leamington, struggling with an awkward document problem. Saturday planted up the big bamboo in the big pot. Stripped down the creaking bottom bracket on my winter bike, it was dry, and full of corroded aluminium dirt:

Sunday collected Dad for dinner. Watched the Giro. Had a few tins of lager sitting out by the chimenea.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

I find this quite amusing,
Chavez , a Catholic saying he will punish America for attacking a muslim state, a state that follows a relgion (cult) that plans to remove Catholicism. Oh, so the lovely muslims in Iran are anti-USA.
so that makes them one of the global friends of Anti-Imperialism ? What a tosser.
This is from a New Zealand blogger,

You see, the philanthropic Government we�ve got might better be described, not as government, but as a den of thieves! Wealth is confuscated from the populus by the state and then hemmoraged out over �worthy� causes, causes whose representatives fight over this stolen value in the most highly evolved form of parasitism on Earth.

Silent running;

This applies in the UK too. Gordon Brown steals our money, then gives it away to worthless causes and thick people that aren't able to get themselves a decent job. Or, to the millions of public sector workers that are dragging productivity levels to new lows, thus making Britain a country not worth investing in.