Thursday, June 27, 2002

Yesterday, left the hotel at 5.40 for a few hard and hilly miles. Got to the hill going North out of Bolton towards Darwen, thinking of going out by Bromley Cross and over the moors towards Blackburn. Then I thought I felt a spit of rain, carried on, just got to the road going off towards Bromley Cross when the drizzle started. Hmm, better not include a great long loop. So carried straight on. The rain really came down. As I climbed higher the wind got stronger. I turned towards Belmont and the rain stopped, so went up past the reservoir and towards Brinscall, then the rain came down very hard. Going downhill was awful, the rain hit my eyes so hard I had to squint to see where I was going. I did'nt take a hat or waterproofs, did'nt think it would rain ! Anyway, managed 29 wet hilly windy miles at 19 mph. Started drying everything off then into bar, had a pint and got some wine.

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Oh dear or dear. Monday afternoon, felt a little pissed-off. Arrived at the hotel, the redoubtable Swallowfield. Was planning a few steady miles. Instead I went to Asda, bought large bag of black pepper crisps & cheese. Then lay on the bed and watched tv (Simpsons and Kumars and a bit of Lads Army). Ordered a cheese toastie and a bottle of wine to enjoy along with the cheese and crisps. After scoffing toastie, cheese, wine and crisps I went to the bar. This was not a good idea. I stayed up talking with John the owner until 2.30 on Tuesday morning. Well it seems I am now going to try fly fishing with John in a couple of weeks time ! I'm actually looking forward to that.
Tuesday evening met up with the training bash. A photographer was there to take some publicity pics. of us out training, well the Bolton lads and an interloper from Birmingham. So a few more slow riders joined in, they were all gone after the initial 5 miles along the A6 before we even reached the circuit. I felt good, nice and strong, even kept going through until the second lap, missed a few turns, on the final lap I let a gap open after the sharp corner in Rivington, and with the speed across the reservoir 35-40 mph I couldn't close the gap, kept them in sight up the hill but eased off. At this stage only the 4 MK Cycles guys remained, having seen everybody else off with the usual blistering pace. 40 mph indeed ! Had a steady ride back through Adlington, feeling a bit ropy, probably the result of drinking Red Bull and vodka until 2.30 that morning. John is off on holiday today, so there should be no reason to have a late night in the bar. Plus, I'm thinking of a long epic ride over the hills from Bromley Cross to Blackburn. I did one last year, about 40 miles. The only thing is the weather is going to be cool and windy. Urgh.
There is a good chance that they will want me to stay here and do more work, with the possibility of doing work for the Irish project ! We seem to have some new work for the other consultants, so things are looking a little more promising !
Well I might have a little sip of wine this evening. No I shouldn't really as I'm planning to ride a Team Midland '10' mile time trial tomorrow evening, providing I get down the motorway in time.

Monday, June 24, 2002

Welcome to the happy world of Monday, where work is fun and the hours just trip happily by. Or rather just the reverse. If I had some cocaine, vodka and red bull then that may be the case. Hazel had to undergo an internal examination to find out why she shis blood. Painful, she has inflammation and internal piles, and a biopsy was taken for testing, well I hope its all clear.
So it is Christmas, and what have you done ? Weel it is'nt Christmas and I've done fuck-all. Except I finished off varnishing the patio furniture. Did a couple of steady short rides and had three early nights. So now I might undo all the good done by staying up untill the early hours, drinking in the bar of the fun hotel, The Swallowfield ! Where the bar staff are freindly, and the manager takes a water pistol to you, and as the night progresses the fire-extinguishers come out to play. Or so I hope. I also hope that some regular has a birthday. I might even pretend its my birthday, unless it really is. Then the boss gets a strippergram in to the lucky recipient, and the strippergrams at this hotel are no holds barred ! Hurrah !
So this evening I'm planning a hour or so of healthy cycling, then watch tv, then into the bar. Hurrah ! Might even buy a bottle of wine to drink whilst watching tv. And some crisps ? Ooh err missus, that will be fun. Cheese as well ! May do that too !