Thursday, June 24, 2004

Er, Tuesday 15 June, work, then did a 23 miles, 20 at 21 mph all around, er, Redditchish.
Wednesday I think I did some 15-20 sec sprints out by Wythall.
Thursday. Flew to Paris at 6.30, which meant being at the airport at 5.30 which meant getting up at 3.30 ! Blimey.
Nice trip to the Chateau Les Fontaines. A real chateau ! Brilliant. Lots of meeting to attend, then a meal in the chateau, novelle cuisine. And lots of wine, then free beer in the bar until god-knows what time of the morning.
Had my alarm set for 7.45, but 7.45 on my alarm was 8.45 local time ! So I was late for the first meeting. There were lots of sore heads, on of the Brits was sick over his breakfast.
Lots more dull meetings then off for a long wait in the dirty airport, nowhere to sit down. The plane was full and I was in an aisle seat. Anyway, home at 22.00.
Today is the Midlands track championships ! I'm in the vets. omnium and we have a team in the team pursuit. A team of 3. Everybody else has 4, but hey, why not !
1st event was 500M time trial, I went off like a slug and did the slowest time, 44 secs, the others did 38 to 41 secs. Shit.
Then the team pursuit, kept it steady but the other team caught us. I could have gone harder.
Had a message to call home, Jayne has cut her finger badly so home I went. put our car in the garage (left the door open).
Cut wasn't too bad and David made a good job of fixing it with butterfly sticky things. So panic over. Put my stuff back in the car and back to the track, feeling fairly pissed off. They thought I had gone. Rode the 10km points race, finished OK then went home. Went and bought wine and crisps.
Did nothing really. Took Jayne & David too and from the pictures. Bought beer and drank it.
Work. Got home and found as I left the car door open on Saturday the battery went flat. So I am deeply in the shit.
Work. Bought beer. Drank it.
Work, off a bit early and up to Manchester, to drop a mobile off with Hazel. Then went on my own to bolton, up over the moors past Turton, into the fog ! Stopped at 'The Old Rosins' Treacle Row, Pickup Bank close to Darwen. �25, and a really nice place ! Drank 1.5 bottles of wine and eat crisps.
Into office.