Thursday, June 12, 2008

Went to Durham over a couple of weeks, drive up at the end of May was awful. Left Brierley Hill about 2pm, went to see Dad, then a long plod in rain; M6 Toll, M6 in very heavy traffic, M62, M61. Looked around Horwich, the towel factory is being demolished to make room for more fucking flats as if there was some sort of shortage, Swallowfield hotel is gone with flats being built in its place. I suppose John and Lynne are now living out in the wilds of Lancashire in an alcoholic haze. I hope they are OK. Then through Belmont (Belmont works closed, new flats being built there soon) M65 and the old route up to Skipton. All rather wet. Across the wild road to Garsdale Head, then Kirby Stephen, decided not to go the moorland route, went along the A66 instead. When i arrived in Durham the rain stopped !
Hectic weekend preparing for the return of the prodigal daughter with lazy boyfriend in tow.
Back to durham, drive up on Monday better. Had a nice drive out to Alston on the Tuesday evening. On Wednesday walked into town and had a few beers in the Shakespeare, the oldest (probably) pub in durham, or so it claims. Deuchars IPA was my beer of choice, lovely stuff. Plus they make toasted sandwiches for 1.50 quid which is use=ful to know if I ever return.
Drive back dull.
Then on saturday went to collect duaghter, as did boyfriend's Dad in his people carrier with a trailer. Well we couldn't fit everything so had to return on Sunday. They more or less fit into Joannes bedroom.
Off to Spain next week, hooray.