Saturday, March 25, 2006

The enemy within.

Is, of course, that non-religion, islam. A load of fairy stories from a medieval paedophile and murderer. That is now an evil ideology that its crazed followers spread by conquest and destruction.
The time has come for all good men and women to stand up and stop this spread of evil.

Friday, March 24, 2006

This man said;

"The Prophet Muhammad has said several times that those who convert from Islam should be killed if they refuse to come back,"

And he said;

"Islam is a religion of peace, tolerance, kindness and integrity. That is why we have told him if he regrets what he did, than we will forgive him,"

He is Ansarullah Mawlafizada, the trial judge in the case of the Lunatics of islam vs. Abdullah Raman, an Afghani that converted to Christianity 16 years ago.

What of all us idiots in the US and UK did to free that miserable shit-hole of a country from the taliban ? Were all those lives wasted ?

Ho ho, its the 'religion of peace'. I'm glad I'm an atheist.
I like the sound of this !

By the power of Zeus, ancient gods are back
Worship of the 12 gods of Mount Olympus associated with ancient Greece could, thanks to a decision by a first-instance court in Athens, become part of the country�s contemporary culture.
In a ruling made public yesterday, the court allowed the formation of an association whose members claim to worship Zeus and the other 11 gods.
�I support everybody�s right to practice their faith, whichever it may be, without hindrance,� said Apostolos Vrachiolidis, a journalist and one of the founding members of the association. Members of the group deny that they engage in idolatry. �We simply want to worship the gods of our ancestors freely,� a member who preferred to remain anonymous told Kathimerini.
The Church of Greece takes a dim view of this type of worship, linking it to New Age practices.

From ekathimeri online Greek news:

I prefer Thor and Odin, fine no-nonsense Norse Gods.
The BBC this month (March) is closing down its Greek language service. Among others -

The World Service said broadcasts in Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Kazakh, Polish, Slovak, Slovene and Thai languages would end by March 2006.

However, loads of money is being found for Arabic broadcasting, a tv and a radio channel.

The BBC World Service is to launch an Arabic television news channel in 2007, the corporation has confirmed.
The channel will initially broadcast 12 hours a day and will be the BBC's first publicly funded global TV service.
It is part of a �30m restructuring of the World Service and is being funded by the closure of 10 foreign language services - with the loss of 218 jobs.

That stinks. Unless they plan on showing naked women, homosexuals and Danish cartoons all day.

So. The people in those once Soviet-controlled countries that relied on the BBC foriegn language broadcasts for reliable news of the outside world are now being forgotten.
The good people of Greece that have been our friends and allies are being forgotten.
But the shifty, shitty arabs, that provide the finance and ideologies for global terrorism are getting a nice new service. Is this so the BBC can transmit world news to downtrodden arabs ?
I think not. I think it will be to present Great Britain as an arab-friendly muslim-loving nation.
Well that may be what the government want us to think, but not me.
Finished off building my new road bike last night. Did a set of 6 15 second intervals with the resistance set on the first notch. Weather is warmer, so I must do a couple of hours on the road this weekend.
Fuck mohammed and all his slavish followers.

Monday, March 20, 2006

6 Men
The 6 men that murdered a Reading girl and attempted to murder her friend all have one thing in common.
I wonder if they will become muslims in prison to be seen as good little men and thus hope for early release ?
Science, or rather the lack of science.....

What is this 'global warming' alert ?What exactly are the figures for global temperature increase, I wonder ?
Some program on tv warning that lakes in Africa are shrinking due to 'global warming'. Are they really ?
Why have the BBC and some sections of the media, namely the Guardianistas, become so enamoured with global warming theories. The whole hypothesis is a pretty deep scientific theory, that global temperatures are showing a remorseless (not a scientific term, I know) upward trend. OK, they may be, I think a global increase of 0.4C over the past 150 years. And that this increase is almost all down to human activity in producing greenhouse gases, namely CO2 and NH4. OK, it may well be the case. But why have the normal anti-science brigade of bleeding-heart liberals and socialists jumped on the global warming bandwagon. Why do such people take an unproved scientific theory as plain fact, when they have always been so anti science ? Science, for these folks is 'bad'. It makes bad things, nuclear power, vaccines, vivisection, new weapons, and so on. But these people are the natural hiers of the 18th C romantics, the 19th C Pre-Raphelites and Arts and Craft socialists and the 1930s peace movements. Science became the big thing of the Post-War world, as advances made life better for all of us, especially those not at the top of the tree. So, this is a reaction to the dominance of science over the past 50 years. and what better way to be against science than to use a scientific theory ?
So the self-loathing folks that hate modern society now have the perfect foil and antidote to all our problems.
Wierd dream Sunday night.
Was in a place, being shot at. I dodged the bullets, was with other people.Then went down into a hotel reception. I was some sort of spy ? Went to Rome, was up in Roman ruins, looking at grafitti, was up on walls, walking along edge of ruins. Went past some people, like arabs ? the sea was close. Back into hotel, had to get on tube, going down escalators with someone, tube kept going under water, under the sea, this may have been Venice.
Last week, what did I do ? Oh yes. Wednesday evening, nothing.
Thursday drove down to Chesham for a discussion about document rquirements. Went well and off at 12. Arrived home and did a 5 x 4 mins hard. Which was a lot easier than the struggle I had on the turbo on Tuesday, by simply adjusting the resistance correctly where the control cable screws in. Ha.
Friday office, but meetings with a pizza and wine lunch. Went and had a couple of pints in the dog and Lampost, Hazel rang while I was there.
Friday evening drank some rubbishy vodka mixer I bought from M&S, and did more work on new road bike.
Saturday actually started tidying bedroom, moving all the piles of books and papers.
Sunday totk Dad for dinner. Then more tidying of bedroo.
Friday had a letter off David's school, saying what a delightful pupil he is, has a mature attitude and should do well with his GCSEs. Also David expressed interest in having an air rifle for his birthday. I'm all for that, except Mrs may not be too keen.
So another weekend goes by with no road work. Hmmm. Races start soon, if I want i could start now. Better get 2 or 3 weekends of hard road work in, with big gears.