Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Wednesday. Took Monday off; I went to Bern last sunday, Monday was a holiday in UK. So did what may well be my last week in Bern. Drank too much, especially Thursday when I went into the old town, found a bar and had a Grolsch, the barman was a Brit, he kept giving me whisky chasers. Pandemonium ensued. Cue a rough Friday. Went to see Hazel on the way back, she is feeling better.
Saturday lazed about, and cleaned my bikes, and put new winter tyres on ! Seeing as I bought them in October !
Sunday, actually drove to Becketts, gave Smithy his track bike back, and went on a slow 'B' run, Studley, lanes to Alcester, Broome, Ridgeway where Smithys crank broke. Then Redditch back to Becketts. Went to see Dad in the afternoon. Boought wine & beer.
Monday, very lazy, cat to vets.
Tuesday work, then went to the gym !