Thursday, January 15, 2004

I feel so bad today. After an hour on the turbo yesterday evening I did some work, and drank some baileys, then rum.
Put the cat in the kitchen, she made a row, then as I forgot to put her litter tray in she crapped on the floor.
So this morning Mrs finds it, I got up late, had appointment at the bank. Now the cat is banished to the garage and its all my fault.
Had my loan extended, use it to clear off credit cards & my overdraft, �700 ! Bloody Hell, I went over the top on spending at Christmas, as usual.
Now I should come clean about the cat, its not her fault.
With what is left of the loan going into my account I'll buy a track bike. From Fred Williams probably, go there tomorrow morning on the way in to the garden hose people.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Just realised, I have done this, more or less, for 15 years !
Started at the beginning of 1989 in that office with a view of the gasometers in Aston ! On those pcs where I composed tunes in basic. At least my average earnings have risen at 9% pa, which is pretty good, considering I have not had a pay rise since 2002, and in, I think, from 1991 to 1992 no rise. But when I left Dudley & went To Kingswinford I had a 20% rise, and a flashy Xr3I car as well.
That was nice. In 1999 I had 16% plus the C-RV car. Happy days. Soon brought down to earth with a tax demand over �600 to be paid in less than a month ! My income has been downhill since then, thanks to the growing tax burden. Hell, Am I paying for the welfare state by myself ?
I seem to have cracked the tax problem for our chicken plucking friends up in Yorkshire. Woo Hoo ! At least I will be claiming, er, i estimate, 20 hors OT for that. Or about 12p after tax.
Today is ..... Wednesday. Exiting or what ?
No, not really.
Not that is isn't Wednesday, its' just not very exiciting.
Tuesday was work, followed by the gym. Heavy weights, erk.
Now I have the chance to do a little bit extra work which should help towards my new track bike. I will go to that shop in Wolverhampton to see about a new frame, or possibly a Ridley from Parkers ?
Weights hurt last night. I expect to be seeing big gains in strength this year. I am somewhat lardy though, Mark says it don't matter, but I disagree. Especially as my suits are too tight. So I need to loose 2Kg from my waist, or about 2cm to make 'em fit.
Ho hum.
Work, don't feel as bad as this time last year. I do miss Horwich, I don't like working in this office but am just getting on with it.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

I'm fairly disgusted with myself. Trained hard & eat properly all last week. Saturday did 6 4 minute intervals. Went late to watch the 'cross in Sutton Park but got stuck in a massive traffic jam in the tunnels. Too late so went shopping with David in town. Saw the new Bull ring. Bought sig bottle of Hoegaarden & wine. Drank them in the evening & then had some Drambuie.
Felt lousy Sunday, didn't go out, went to watch the 'cross. Saw a few people I know. Then drank a few tins of lager.
Work on Monday.
Weigh 22nd Dec; 78.4 Kg.
Weight this morning: 81.2 Kg.