Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Things happened- The Boy got made redundant ! In his first ever job !
What a total pisser.
At least he had 10 months good experience, and we are getting him back in plenty of time to prepare for University. He was really enjoying living in Wales and working in a laboratory, I think after only a few days at home he is fed up. At least he put on the kitchen tap I bought.
Now in Southall, OK here, staying at the Indian hotel, just close by is the Punjabi Pub - The Glassy Junction. The beer is crap; lager lager and more lager. Food in the Indian hotel is too good, part of the hotel is what is maybe the best Indian restuarant in West London, the Mehfil. Mmmm, plus they sell Indian wine !

Sula Vineyards
The red is excellent, white is OK but a bit insipid for my greedy alcoholic tastes !
The project with the hoze company is rubbish as they want to run the fancy custom code under, and it don't work.
Next up, Aunty in Hull is being upgraded to the wizzo, that should be fun.
Anyhoo, no cycling, spent the last 2 weekends taking stuff back from Wales, the same for the next 2 weekends.
Off to the hotel for some Indian food and Indian wine. Yippee.