Monday, February 28, 2005

Todays Monday, Todays Monday, Mondays' washing day, is everybody happy ? I bet your life we are.
Who sung that ? Was it the Small Faces ?
Great weekend. Drank far too much Friday, but as Hazel said she was coming to the velodrome with me, I felt pretty damn fine.
Saturday went with David for a test drive in the Hyundai, it was a diesel, but it seemed OK. Then took Joanne to the shops. Then off up M42, M6Toll and thence to Sharston ! Went shopping first, then off to watch Revolution 8. Saw DeRosa, Trek (Canadian), chatted to Legro and Tony B. And saw Millar, dressed as a fop in white shoes, cuffs dangling out his suit. Well, in spite of that it was a nice evening with Hazel. Went to look at Hazels old bub in Gorton, the Clock Face. Then a loooong drive back down the M6. Sunday, er, just took Dad for dinner, and had a few tins of lager.