Thursday, October 06, 2005

Its Thursday.
What am I doing ? Stupid fucking financial reports for GreekCo. And whats worse its all FOC.
I am not happy, drove dangerously to work in a real bad mood, ditto home yesterday evening.
Pissed off just about everybody on the cycling forum, so I've decided not to go there anymore.
I find I'm thinking fairly right-wing thoughts, oh dear.
At least I have had a request from Dartford for me to go there and do some work, excellent.
I have now stripped all the components of my crappy old Look frame, and methodically cleaned them so they are all sparkly and shiny, if a little bit battered.
Last week, most nights I drank at least 2 bottles of red per night, either in the garage or sitting outside. Last ones on Sunday. At least I have a shiny set of Dura-Ace bits to put on my new frame, from Planet-X I'm planning on buying. At 325 for a super-light frame and full carbon forks, mmm.
I had a weird dream, was somewhere in Aston, met Hazel to llok at an old factory she wants to buy, we were there with some fellow that seemed to be her boyfriend, went into a deep cellar and climbed up a laddr to get out, I was thinking shes lying again, she it fit and had no trouble getting about. Looked out and decided to leave, so ran off.
Another dream was about getting a new frame, and it was a funny size and wouldn't fit my headset I wanted to fit. Odd.
Anyhoo. Must get on with some 'work'.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Drinking too much. Back on 2 bottles of red. :(