Friday, September 19, 2003

Just looking at the BBC's '50 things to do before you die'.
Here are the top 'things';
1. Swim with dolphins. ??? Dolphins are good for going into tuna cans.
2. Dive the Great Barrier Reef. ??? Fish ? Ugh.
3. Fly on Concorde to New York. Yes, I'd like that.
4. Whale watching. hahaha.
5. Dive with sharks. hahahahaha. ha.
6. Skydive. Teehee.
7. Hot air ballooning. Yes.
8. Fly a jet. Yes !!
9. Go on safari. No, smelly animals. Hunt them maybe.
10. See Aurora Barealis. Seen it from above DentDale in April 2000. Unforgetable.

Out of the top 10, most are lamebrained middle-class affected dumb tosser stuff.
So the BBC must have asked 20,000 middle-class dumbos. At least 4 decent things crept in.
Marginally better than Monday. Felt really depressed this week. Its the job getting me down, as usual.
Now I am on a bonus scheme, that will never pay out as the tatgets set are so unrealistic. Ho hum.
Am planning to work uo in Yorkshire for most/all next week, which is good, I need to get out the office and away from home. Track possibly this evening, almost the last this year.
Tuesday did a session on the turbo, oh crap. Wednesday shot off and got out for 18.35 so I could do a final evening road session. Did Hopwood, Barnt Green, Tutbury, Tarbebigge, back over to Hopwood. Hard. It was almost dark when I arrived home. Then spoilt it by buying tins of beer, which I didn't really enjoy. It was warm, 25-27C for the past couple of days.
Thursday, nothing really. overcast, about 21C.
Today is bright and pretty mild, about 20c already this morning.

Monday, September 15, 2003

Now I notice the MBA blog has gone. Thats good.
Well, whatever next ?
I just was browsing 'blogs of note' and came across one 'MBA admissions' or someting equally lame.
And this is some of it;
Over the past ten months (8/2002 - 6/2003), I have maintained this detailed weblog of my business school application experiences, under the pseudonym "Tad Holbie". Having been admitted to the University of Michigan Business School, my application process is complete, and so this is the final posting to this site. I hope that my story can help those of you who are in the process of applying to business school, by providing a sense of the process, timing, and difficulties involved.
How sad ! The major difficulties involved with becoming an MBA student are being robbed of personality, to ensure a career in management. Tee hee ! I hope I make it to retirement without coming across any more MBA wannabees.
Monday. Once again, whats that all about ?
Let me see, went to the track on Friday, 12 lap scratch, almost last. 500M sprint, THIRD ! Had to ride hard to get it, big Joe R cam flying past after 200M, then Doug P, someone else started to come past in the finishing straight so I really wound it up. Then a 10 lap points, felt knackered, was going for a point on the 1st lap but it just went mad. Then a 20 lapper, spent all my time closing gaps as people blew in front of me. Had a go at the finish but I was whacked.
Saturday had a nice steady plod round Ullenhall. Then up the ladder to wash the windows ! Bought some wine for the evening, nice and sunny and warm, so had the candles round the garden and sat out.
Sunday, left at 0730 (!) to ride the Midland TR '16. Didn't use my aero bars, even though I took them. did a time of 42.59. This is the last time this course is being used, which is a shame.
My times are; 2001, 44 something, May this year 41.07. I wanted to get under 40 minutes, too breezy this time. Waters-Peach did 39.50, Peter did 41.0. But they both had low-pro bikes, and aero helmets ! Nice ride home though Baddesly Clinton and Lapworth, was feeling pretty done in, stopped and eat an energy bar and felt better after that.
Went a walk over the Lickeys with David, then collected some conkers from by Hopwood. Not so good as last year though.
and yes, bought 6 tins of lager and drank them in the garden.
What about my season now its almost over ? Well, lets see what my last races bring.