Friday, September 19, 2003

Just looking at the BBC's '50 things to do before you die'.
Here are the top 'things';
1. Swim with dolphins. ??? Dolphins are good for going into tuna cans.
2. Dive the Great Barrier Reef. ??? Fish ? Ugh.
3. Fly on Concorde to New York. Yes, I'd like that.
4. Whale watching. hahaha.
5. Dive with sharks. hahahahaha. ha.
6. Skydive. Teehee.
7. Hot air ballooning. Yes.
8. Fly a jet. Yes !!
9. Go on safari. No, smelly animals. Hunt them maybe.
10. See Aurora Barealis. Seen it from above DentDale in April 2000. Unforgetable.

Out of the top 10, most are lamebrained middle-class affected dumb tosser stuff.
So the BBC must have asked 20,000 middle-class dumbos. At least 4 decent things crept in.


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