Friday, September 19, 2003

Marginally better than Monday. Felt really depressed this week. Its the job getting me down, as usual.
Now I am on a bonus scheme, that will never pay out as the tatgets set are so unrealistic. Ho hum.
Am planning to work uo in Yorkshire for most/all next week, which is good, I need to get out the office and away from home. Track possibly this evening, almost the last this year.
Tuesday did a session on the turbo, oh crap. Wednesday shot off and got out for 18.35 so I could do a final evening road session. Did Hopwood, Barnt Green, Tutbury, Tarbebigge, back over to Hopwood. Hard. It was almost dark when I arrived home. Then spoilt it by buying tins of beer, which I didn't really enjoy. It was warm, 25-27C for the past couple of days.
Thursday, nothing really. overcast, about 21C.
Today is bright and pretty mild, about 20c already this morning.


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