Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Did nothing yesterday, apart from work. Very lazy, was scheduled to do some rapid sprinting intervals but felt just to done-in after spending a day in the office. Now I have another day in the office. Oh joy.
Thinking about my season, it has been really crap. On the road anyway. I seemed to struggle in all the races I rode, looking back at last year I was attacking, finishing well and getting up in the first 10 mostly every week. Now I just have a second place in a piddling 5 mile time trial.
But on the track, which at this time last year was just a thought deep in my head, I have surprised myself ! Even winning a sprint ! The 800M, and second, third and a couple of fourth places. So that has meant the difference between a total failure of a season and a decent season. I would still like to win on the road, but I'm not riding any more road races so that won't happen. I have three more track sessions, a possible race on a tandem at Manchester, and 2 or three more time trials.


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