Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Friday I rode the track, and won a lap sprint in the points race, and finished second ! And finished 3rd in the 25 lap scratch race. A good evenings racing even if I did finish almost last in my heat for the 500m sprint !
Saturday did a steady ride.
Sunday off to Kineton and rode the Stratford CC 66 mile 3/4 race. Boy oh boy my legs felt shattered ! The first lap was murder with the pace, the 2nd, 3rd and final laps were not much less hard ! An average speed of 25 mph over a hilly course, ho what fun.
Then off to pick up Hazel and an evening at the Brittania. Didn't go anywhere except stocking up on Vodka Ices from the bar.
Monday off down the M6, was going into the office but didn't. Up to Parkers and bought a pair of Rudy Project specs. Then a drive around Shropshire & home.
Tuesday in Leamington, did intervals in evening. Hectic in Leamington.
Wednesday hectic again, started off OK but gone downhill. Hectic in work & Dad rang Jayne as he is ill. Rang him & he wants me to come and see him.
Hope this turns out a better birthday than last year.


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