Thursday, July 17, 2003

I have been nominated for employee of the month on the strength of the work I did at the medical place in Watford.
Felt bad still on Tuesday. Tuesday evening I wolfed down my tea, then out and did a 90 minute plod around Rednal, Barnt Green where I was going along, a van turned right, a guy on an mtb decides to stop between the kerb and the van and I (doing 25 mph) just about squeeze through. Then, as my good old thin wire frame specs finally broke on Saturday, I had to wear my good specs, which seem to funnel flies down into my eyes. To edge of Redditch, Moons Moat, then cut onto old hill, cut my legs on brqambles & stung by nettles going along the narrow track onto the old road. But miles better than going up the dual carriageway. Onto the main road, passed a couple of geeks on flash bikes that jumped on my wheel, not talking, even though I was on an easy ride, low gears, they seemed to think they were cool dudes following my wheel. Turned off at Bransons Cross, along towards Wood end where they came past. Then back via Primrose Hill and stopped at outdoor by Old Mill, got a few tins of lager to sit and drink in the garden, which I did after watching the Tour. Top temperatures of 33 C today, blistering hot !
Work, then out to Wood End, no-one else which was good as I had to do 5 5 minute flat-out intervals. Found these hard as it was humid, though not quite so hot, more about 25 C, 28 C max.


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