Monday, August 04, 2003

Happy Mondays
Or not, as the case may be.
Leamington seems as if it is finished for the time being. Which as good as I have a growing dislike of Mr. Stve, ex us. Who is a phenominal pain in the arse.
Always sniping away at me, and proving himself to be an arse-licker of the highest order of the brown nose. Not since the happy days at Syscom have I come across such an up-front brown noser. Even some of the people there have noticed this ! I suspect the Ozzie hates him. But, that is water under the bridge, or so I hope. Arrived home on Wednesday, did a hard ride round the Gambolds circuit. Then went and got a bottle of red to drink with my dinner, very civilsed.
Thursday just a day in the office, arrived home, no training. It was cool and damp. Which is a pathetic excuse, but there you go.
Friday, office then rushed home at lunchtime to collect my cycling specs. Then to the track in the evening;
1st race a 15 lap scratch, went off the front and tried for a couple of laps but got reeled in.
500 m sprint; last.
800m sprint -3rd ! Almost 2nd but got pipped on the line.
30 lap win and out, won the 2nd sprint thus getting 10 lap points !
Stopped for a couple of pints with Rob Bishop and Mark Barfield, they were both impressed with my racing. It was good to do good rides in front of people I know !
Saturday a nice easy plod, mowed the lawns, bits of tidying then boght buns and beer from the local cheapo supermarket. A quick plod around Hopwood then a barbeque !
Sunday a medium paced run out up to Tapster Mill and Lowsonford. And sat and looked down the M42 from the hill out of Tapster Mill, usually I'm on that road looking at the hill from the car when going somewhere, such as Dartford ! Happy days to be back on my bike.
Collected Dad for dinner, had a terrible headache. Took him home, went for a kip. Then took David for a walk over Clent and a look at the pools. It was still hot at 21.30 walking over Clent !


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