Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Ah, Wednesday, I think. I had to ask earlier as I thought maybe it was Thursday as it seemed as if I had done 4 days.
Monday spent more and more time working on the 'phone, so the decision was taken I would hie me to Leamingon on Tuesday. Oh joy.

Tuesday (yesterday ? Seems several days back) I arrived, by 10.00 problems not going away but had a breakthrough mid-morning. Had a call from home, Joanne not home (She went out Monday evening). The UK people, include supercilious Steve, (who is heading fro a punch in the gob) said document layouts were no good. However the Italians were happy, but the Ozzy was not in to confirm that the format was fine. So my rag began to be lost. By late afternoon I was coming back in the morning to get the Italians to say yea or nay.
Arrived home no sign of daughter. I had a drive past boyfriends house, maybe someone there ? I wasn't too worried. Later (2300) Mrs was getting all blubbery and upset, so I drove off to look, and met her walking home, so all happy. At least I was.

Wednesday. Hooray, at Lovely Leamington Spa.
Problems solved, signed approval faxed through from Italy so I was off, never to return. Then a meeting with the MD in the office, arggh ! Bad things, no just a general wigging about whoever pisses on the floor in the downstairs toilet had better stop it. Nice to hear that from our MD.
Now home, for hopefully some hard training.


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