Thursday, December 12, 2002

Hallo dear Blog, and it is Thursday. Tomorrow is Friday and that means a night out with the people I work for here. At yet another Chinese restuarant, this time in the bustling metropolis of Horwich. Tee hee.
Tuesday was a stressful day, partly because I woke up laying fully clothed on my hotel bed at 0600 in the morning. Why ? I wonder if the fact John stocked up the bar with Smirnoff Ice ? And the bottle of red I drank watching tv earlier ?
And lots of problems kept hitting me, combined with the knowledge that I'm picking up all of Pauls work. I left early to get back in plenty of time for the circuits. My repaired car arrived back. So I had to take the Volvo to the office on Wednesday. On Wednesday evening we went to see David do a terrific solo piece on the keyboard at his school Christmas concert. Excellent and he got a really good reaction from the audience ! The other acts were pretty good too, especially the year 11 rock group ! Load and punk guitar licks, drumming and dead-pan singer combined to make a sound as good as anything I've heard live. Strokes and Hives watch out. Well here I am again in the cold and frozen North. Complete with turbo, bike, extra wheels for riding on the road as my plan is to do a 20/30 mile spin early(ish) Saturday morning to clear my head after Friday evening. Probably.

Monday, December 09, 2002

Daughters boyfriend has left college, the fool. Got this confirmed when we went with Joanne for a parents evening on Thursday evening. She has stopped missing lessons, but needs to work hard to achieve the results necessary for University. Hmm, sounds familiar, where in my life have I heard that ? But then I had to drive off down the motorway to Dartford, for an excellent sleep at the Hilton followed by a day at Remel. Arriving home Friday evening at 21.15.
Where can I begin, where can I end ? What ? Who ? Where ? Why ?
These are all questions I could ask myself. Theses are all questions I could ask someone else, but who ? when ? Oh shut up you sad fuckwit.
Monday, 9th December. 09.30.
Monday, but a worrying Monday, there were more to go from our once-merry band of ITers, I think Paul will be receiving bad news at 10.00 when he goes in to meet the scary HR person. Oh dear. I really feel bad for Paul, he worked so hard and helped me get this project here on an even keel Without him I would be in deeper shit. So he is being repayed by being shit on big style. Ho hum, life is a real bummer. As my Uncle Rex said,
'lifes a slogger from the cradle to the grave'.
Usual turbo sessions, rushing up and down the M6 last week. Tuesday was hell, new form of on-the-spot circuits, a sub-maximal test, then a full-on turbo session, plus I drove back up to Swallowfield !
Wednesday John drove a few of us into Manchester for an excellent chinese meal and lots of good wine (which he paid for, food & wine, as we have been such good guests). Of course followed by a session untill the early hours, when I managed to drop my CDs and loose some of them. all sorted now. Plus I seem to have arranged to buy a crate of wine from somewhere in Horwich where John will get a trade price for me.
Then Saturday very cold east wind and drizzle so did a 1 hour 30 mins ride in it. Ugh. Sunday cold hard cutting East wind, down to Evesham with the lads, left 'em to ride back with Todger, going up the A46 dual-carriageway I lost it ! I wanted to stop, or turn back to the cafe or just turn off, I hallucinated about the road, I hated it, just to get away, luckily Todger realised I was gone, looked back and stopped or else I don't know what would have become of me. Felt OK about 30 minutes later. Odd. It must have been the cold & wind.