Thursday, June 12, 2003

Thursday. At Leamington.
Saturday off to Parkers first thing and had a triple b/b put in. Got home and put chain on, tried it out and it seems fine, after I changed the rear gear to not go on the smallest sprocket. So I just have 8 rear gears, which is what I suspect the frame can only happily deal with as the settings of the rear triangle is designed for 7/8 speed. Well, that serves me right for buying a cheap old frame. Got my eyes on a Cinelli or Ambrosio with carbon rear stays, Mmmm. But if my racing performances don't improve I wont be buying much more cycling stuff.
The weekends race was a failure, going down the second hill at the bottom of the long climb over Brown Clee I changed into my little ring, and off came the chain. I had to stop and put it back on, jumped on and chased through the cars towards the back of the bunch, I just was 2 M of catching and I gave up. I thought 'sod it', turned round and went back to Bridgnorth, got changed, went to watch the finish where it was lashing down ! I missed the torrential rain, luckily. Took Peter back then home.
Monday and Tuesday stopped in Edgware working in Watford. Monday evening had a trip down Edgware Road, stopped at Sainsburys and bought some wine. Back to my lonely hotel room and predictably drank the wine, eat crisps. Pretty well the same as Tusday. So my fitness goes flying out the window. Flet pretty well depressed on Monday and Tusday, thinking how much off my childrens life I have missed whilst staying in various hotels around the world, and how much is all this alcohol damaging me ? After reading about people that get through 2 or 3 litres (How much) of vodka a day maybe my one or two bottles of wine a week is a minor indulgence. But the crisps and cheese are bad, followed by an XL bacon cheesburger, large chips & coke yesterday.
Today good so far, muesli, sandwiches, fruit and a 11 mile TT the evening if I can get out from here in good time and arrive home, change, bike in car all before 18.15. Then I'll give the Midlad RT TT a go. Possibly ride the track tomorrow evening, just so long as the weather is good. I'll have to get the bike in the car 1st thing for that.