Friday, August 09, 2002

Ouch ow etc. See Wednesday. Went along on the bash and just one MK turned up. And me. So off we went and I felt bad. Not because the guy was any good, I just felt bad. Got to the circuit and I just slowed down but he kept waiting for me, then got bored and went. I went up and round the CG course, he passed me going down the hill to the turn at a great rate. I easily matched his pace along the circuit all the way to the downhill bit before the Millstone. Now he said he had to train hard as he had some E/1 races coming up. Now if I can easily match his pace when he is riding hard he had better do some hill power training ! Those Es will eat him alive !
Back at the hotel, a soak in that Radox stuff then into the bar for a bottle of red. Then watched Phoenix Nights on tv, then back to the bar for some yakking and Smirnoff Ice. Bad idea. It lasted until about 2.30. Ugh. Didn't feel too bright now, but I've felt worse. Was cheered up by an article on tv news saying that the incidence of deaths due to alcohol-related liver disease has tripled in the past couple of years, with binge drinking becoming a real problem, especially amongst the young. I know, I know. An article in the 'Independant' all about the guy in Belgium that throws cream tarts at famous pompous people also made me happy. Belgium isn't such a bad place, I'm beginning to think of it fondly. Brussels, home of the Museum of the Underpant.
Oh fuck, I'm racing on Sunday, a 60 miler on the Cotswolds. Its going to be hilly. If I feel like I did yesterday I may as well not bother turning up.
My neighbour has been soaking in garlic again. Stinky get.

Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Ouch, ow yow. That was me last night, before, especially during, and after the training bash. Well those MK guys were really motoring. 24 mph up past Blackrod School, we usually do 20 mph max ! As soon as we went off I felt knackered. Just a bad day, riding to meet them my legs felt sore. 1st time up the hill I just went off, caught them back on the next lap, then going along the top of the resr, they slipstreamed a car off at 40 mph ! I notice they dropped a couple of their own guys. Tossers. I went off and did a lap of the full CG course.
The mountainbiker lasted until the start of the laps, a guy from Horwich CC stopped doing turns in Adlington.
I met Allan from Road Peace on the way back, he turned round and we rode up Chorley Old Road, up over Matchmoor then stood yakking opposite the Jolly Crofters. He said most of the MK guys that ride the bash don't race very often, and when they do they usually get shelled out !
So they are like lots of riders, they train to ride the bash, and us stupid lot that train to race get a hammering. Is this a British trait ? I heard an ozzie cricketer saying that he hated training, like most of the team, but when it came to playing he would be keen as mustard. The English team all trained like mad, but when it came to playing they were so-so and would be happy to watch from the sidelines. I noticed this when I last raced as a senior in the 1980s, lots of guys would be there riding hard in the winter but never raced. Why ? Why spend money on bikes and put the effort into training and not race ? Is it to be fit ? For posing ? What is that all about ?
Well I went to Asda and got some Radox stuff that is supposed to rejuvenate tired muscles. Then made the mistake of going to the bar. I had a few tins of Marstons then a couple of vodka & red bulls, and a good yakk with a couple of the guys that were there 2 years back, but managed to get myself to bed at 12.30 and not make an early morning session. Phew. Phone call off H. then so that was good timing from me !
This morning sat for 5 minutes in the Radox stuff, it seems to have worked ! I'll have a longer soak this evening, don't know whether to have a long steady ride or do some intervals this evening. Bought some vitamin E as well, I used to scoff loads of these before a race. Vit. E is supposed to increase the bloods ability to carry oxygen. I won't go back to taking a little bidon of brandy to glug just before I made a big effort, or take 3/4 caffine tablets. Nor will I try the experiment with thick black coffee. I tried this in the 1977 Tour of the Clees, and left lots of black sick over the roads of Shropshire ! I finished 6th ? 7th ? 8th ? in that.

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Yesterday evening I went shopping at the Trafford Centre, just to try and get a baggy pair of shorts with pockets on the side. Well I got 'em, fifteen quid from cheappo crappy clothes, but Selfridges had a SALE on with some very big reductions. Which shows what enormous mark-ups are on some things if they sell 'em of at 75% less and still make profits. For instance, that 'Destroy' shirt I bought costing �100 is now �50. A Versache denim jacket at �250 is now �77, and oddly some identical in all but some minor stitching details are �55. Whatever. I bought a natty 'worn' denim lacket for �40 and similar denim shirt for �26. New price �150 and �80. Make is Paul Smith ? I can't remember. Also did a very slow 13 miles at postman pat pace (i.e. very very slow). I must force myself not to push hard on these recovery rides. Sunny and warm once again, but wet and cool forecast for later in the week and weekend. Big shit to that.
Mr. MiddleClass next door has been bathing in garlic so my eyes are watering due to the close proximity of the odious get. At least it covers the smell of his farts. I suppose the family is vegetarian, just like Hitler was.

Monday, August 05, 2002

Monday again. Friday night at the fun hotel had fun. Before alcoholic consumption as the rain had stopped did a big ride.
Went round Bolton RR to Dunscar, Turton, up hill over to Blackburn, Darwen, Belmont, Matchmoor. An epic ride, damp in places and misty over the moors to Blackburn.
Then into the bar. Talked and talked and drank and drank. I drank all the stock of Smirnoff Ice (which I am reliably informed by an old fart at the bar is an ladies drink) on Thursday. So had to make do with vodka and red bull. Which I had almost forgot is an enjoyable tipple. The hangover and the cure in one glass. That was a 02.oo session. Got up Saturday. The sun was shining !! Went off round Bolton ring road and up Dunscar over to Belmont over Scout Road and back. Packed away and rode mtb up and spent the day watching the Commonwealth Games Womens & Mens road races. The sun shone and the racing was good. Mainly watched on the steep hills by Yarrows reservoir and rode up and down tracks to ge around the course. Felt pretty tired so decided not to ride the 25 mile TT on Sunday. Went a 21 hardish ride instead.