Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Feel generally better today. Was planning on training yesterday, but by the time I was ready it was already 7.15, thus giving me 45 minutes to train before dark. So I didn't, which irritated me.
Took my bike, and planning to train at Wood End, but at the moment its pissing down.
In Andover giving a training course tomorrow. Ho hum

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

I feel depressed. Felt worse yesterday. Don't know why. Is it because of my relationships ?
Hmm, complicated. Was maybe going for a spin yesterday but it was wet, and I was feeling lazy. Planning to train this evening, but things such as
eating dinner get in the way. It was much easier when I was stopping in a hotel.
I have stopped having coaching from Mark. It was going nowhere, in fact I think that over the past year I have even become unfitter ! I have certainly
put weight on, now 81Kg, this time last was was 74Kg. I seem to have lost the will to watch what I eat and drink. For instance yesterday had 4 slices
of toast with butter & marmite, a XL bacon cheeseburger, large fries & coke at lunch, and belly draft for tea. Far too much.
Today better, muesli & nuts plus two slices of dry toast, and I just have swedish crackers & fruit to eat. Hungry now ! I seem to be lacking in motivation
to train, maybe the track season will excite me. I had so much planned.
The Mark training thing, right from the start in November 2002 I felt it was wrong to ride on the turbo at that level in the winter.
Now I am convinced of it.

Monday, April 26, 2004

Back in Brierley Hill, Monday.
Saturday was a steady plod, round Cobley Hill, Ryknild Street. Then went to buy Dad birthday presents from Town.
Sunday, up early and off to Yoxall. Blown out the back on the first hill, felt bad, breathing not right.
That is all down to a lack of fitness. I may well be able to do 130 rpm sessions on the turbo, but doing hard
work on the road is just so different ! And carrying my extra 6 Kg up hills is hard.
Then went to see Dad, then home. Dinner. Then left for Dartford ! Busy drive, geting short on petrol when I cam off the M25, and then
went down the M20 instead of the A2 so had to do a fiddly drive to finally arrive. Went and drank 2 bottles of red. Dear oh dear.
Monday, work, went to Bluewater & did a few exercises.
Tuesday, work, a few exercises and a drive around to Greenwich.
Wednesday, left at 1420 then an epic drive, M25, A1(M) where I had a long wait to get through some roadworks, M62 and
arrived at Trafford about 20.00. Had a few beers in the bar and some wine. Called Hazel, no reply. Sent a few texts, full of self-pity
and irritation as she is not around. She was going to come & stay at hotel for the two days, up around Burnley but didn't.
Thursday up to Nelson. Thne back & changed & collected Hazel All friends again. Excellent evening.
Took Hazel home, back up to Nelson. Left and drove round to Settle, round 3 Peaks, nice views of Pen-Y-Gent, Ingleborough was
cloud capped. Then M6 home.
Saturday we went and ordered a built-in cooker & hob to replace old ones. Then a plod around Watery Lane, Rkynild St, Moons Moat,
Bransons Cross and Tanners Green.
Sunday, out to Birmingham Business Park, helped out, then rode race. Avoided 2 nasty crashes. Finished 13th. Pretty crap, but
better than being involved in a crash.
Saw Dad on way home. Then bought some (8 tins) of lager, and drank all but 1.Too fucking much.
Today took Joanne to college, then work.
Ho fucking hum.