Tuesday, April 27, 2004

I feel depressed. Felt worse yesterday. Don't know why. Is it because of my relationships ?
Hmm, complicated. Was maybe going for a spin yesterday but it was wet, and I was feeling lazy. Planning to train this evening, but things such as
eating dinner get in the way. It was much easier when I was stopping in a hotel.
I have stopped having coaching from Mark. It was going nowhere, in fact I think that over the past year I have even become unfitter ! I have certainly
put weight on, now 81Kg, this time last was was 74Kg. I seem to have lost the will to watch what I eat and drink. For instance yesterday had 4 slices
of toast with butter & marmite, a XL bacon cheeseburger, large fries & coke at lunch, and belly draft for tea. Far too much.
Today better, muesli & nuts plus two slices of dry toast, and I just have swedish crackers & fruit to eat. Hungry now ! I seem to be lacking in motivation
to train, maybe the track season will excite me. I had so much planned.
The Mark training thing, right from the start in November 2002 I felt it was wrong to ride on the turbo at that level in the winter.
Now I am convinced of it.


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