Monday, March 08, 2004

Monday. Eurgh. More wage-slavery.
Friday decided to have a blow-out, so bought beer, wine and crisps from Sainsbury's. And a bottle of Cave. Had 2 small glasses of Cava, bottle of red and bottle of Deuchar's IPA. Excellent beer.
Saturday started building a raised flower bed on the patio in the morning. Did a hard ride to Hopwood, Redditch, Beoley, Wood End, Weatheroak, Watery Lane. 60 mins L2, 30 mins L3, 20 mins L4. 39 miles. Hard.
Sunday up (great big sausage sandwich) and off to Becketts. No-one there so plodded off feeling tired, but slowly warming up. To Wood End, Packwood, lanes to Knowle, back to Wood End, Bransons Cross, Weatheroak, past back of Becketts and along little narrow lane at back of Wythall, Gay Hill, Ryknield St, past Man-in-Moon & home. Off to Fort, collected Dad, dinner, took Dad home. Finished off track bike.


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