Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Wednesday. Ho hum, all tedium.
No, last week, Wednesday, I really struggled to train. So being the weak and indecisive fellow that I am, I thought, fuck this for a lark, and bought wine and beer. Did the same Thursday, has a serious blow-out on 2 bottles. And eat lots of crisps. Saturday back on the treadmill with 2 hours at L3 in the cold, 40 miles.
Sunday the club run, staedy affair, hectic at the end, only 58 miles. After taking Dad home from dinner, went with David onto the big wheel in the city centre, which was really good fun !
Monday just work and gym.
Tuesday work, shopping for birthday presents for Hazel at lunchtime, and a horrible turbo session, 12 90 secs. flat-out with only 30 secs, rest in between ! Ugh !
Plan for today is a visit to Stockport


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