Friday, March 12, 2004

Friday. This week, Monday as I wasn't training I bought some wine. And drank it !
Tuesday, a hard slog on the turbo, 2 mins flat-out, 30 secs. sprint. Repeat 10 times,
Wednesday, 6 minutes flat-oy, 1 minute rest, repeat 8 times !
Thursday 45 secs 125 rpm, 45 rest, repeat 10 times, then 5 mins flat-out, 1 rest, repeat 4 times.
This must be the most intense 3 days I have ever, ever done.
So I should be really good this season.
Apart from that, problems with the GL cheque changes I did for soap lot, that I thought
would be a problem. Teething trouble with the hoses, but they are buying more
days work.
Snow ! Cold this week, even put leg-warmers on for the turbo ! Yesterday evening started snowing
and it was deep this morning. Driving in was dodgy, but thawing now.


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