Thursday, May 08, 2003

Thursday. What a wash-out the weekend turned out. Started the race, feeling fine, then on the flat went over a bump, noticed my computer stopped working, went to the back whilst trying to adjust the sensor on my forks, down the first hill I went off, got back on uphill but was really breathing hard, struggled to stay on and was shelled out ! So just rode slowly along past the finish, Chris S asked if I was allright, I couldn't talk I felt so pissed off. Went as far as the turn to Shavers End. Stopped, the sensor had dropped down so thats the problem. Rode up to look at the entrance to the quarry in the Silurian limestone. Did another lap, Chris suggested I get back on when they come past, tried going up the hills by Astley but simply couldn't be arsed. So much for that race. I was looking forward to the Sunday with the hills & finish, but I think its stress, like I had in 2000 when I was in Dartford, making me feel breathless. So took Peter back home and feel bad as he has to sort out a lift. Went & bought 2 bottles of wine & lots of crisps. Drank almost all the wine and eat all the crisps. Sunday cleaned out the garage and moved an old cabinet from Joannes room. Maybe this is the reason I packed, guilt at not doing this sort of stuff. Then 6 tins of Grolsch. Monday did 2 steady hours, up through Tapster Mill and past Packwood.
Tusday worked at home, then 1 minute intervals, Wednesday same, then went on the bash but some of the others went & rode a TT so just myself & Niel Wilkes went for a spin. Thursday in Leamington.