Thursday, October 14, 2004

Is it possible to somehow tell I'm doind sod-all this afternoon ?
Words of wisdom from Jack Ash, a fellow Blogger;
"Currently I work at Burger King and collect toast. I believe there are three things needed to end the world's problems: duct tape, a torch, and a hammer. Some may say that what doesn't kill you will make you stronger. Actually, what doesn't kill you may leave you limbless, blind, deaf, heartbroken, and with no bowel control. ".
How true. Collects toast ?
Oh yes. Joanne went off to see Jordan in Bristol on the train on Saturday evening.
'See you Monday morning'.
Monday arrives, but not Joanne. She has decided to stay until later in the week.
Looks like she stopped because there was an undergraduate party last night, she wanted to keep an eye on him, is my opinion, there are lots of girls at Bristol University !
Hazel was in a crash yesterday. Got a call on mobile #2 just then. Well, its is 1 month since we last spoke !
Hmmm. Think I feel a deep confusion coming on. What the hell should I do now ?
I might go up to stay in Manchester next week, and arrange to meet somewhere like a quiet bar, if there is one, maybe the Printworks and sit outside.
Now 1 month exactly since we last spoke, I was walking along the banks of the Thames at Dartford, she wouldn't have answered if I had used my old mobile, I'm sure of it.
Lots of texts lately, getting all friendly again, but I am staying distant. I really don't want to get hurt again. I simply don't trust her anymore.
Chatted briefly on msn on Saturday night, she said "can't talk now theres people in the room".
What the fuck does she mean ? Are there persons that she don't want to know about me ?
Worked in Andover these past 3 days, stayed at a Travelodge, on a main road next to a Little Chef and a petrol station. So whiled away boring Monday and Tuesday evenings by drinking two bottles of wine and watching 24 Hour Party People on CD.
Eat rubbish, feel flabby. Gym tonight but I must cut out the wine. Or at least, some wine.