Saturday, May 12, 2007

Famous(ish) people

I Saw Peter Hook, New Order guitar man when I stopped at Frankley M5 services on the way back from shooting (and missing) last Sunday.

Other famous people I seen;
John Lydon (nee Rotten), Holiday Street, Birmingham 1983 the morning after he played a PiL concert.

Natasha Kaplinski and various BBC journalists, Rowhill Grange, Dartford October 2004. The day before John Peel died. They were covering some summit meeting at Leeds Castle.
She became very, very drunk.

The back of John Cleese head in Piattis restaurant in Montecito, Santa Barbara.

A very poor selection of luminaries that I have seen. But I wouldn't know a celebrity unless someone pointed them out to me.

Well, this evening was The Eurovision Song Contest. What a load of total wank. The voting was along the lines of 'vote for the country next to you' Utter Cuntybollox. The songs were by and large crap. The British entry set my teeth on edge.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The sky is falling !! The sky is falling !!!

Global warming is making us all hot and melting all the glaciers !
Well, this deep snow covering Ben Nevis is bravely resisting the searing 'well above normal' (says BBC weather) temperatures.

Well, today is rubbish as has been the whole week. Cold and wet. Which is a pisser as I'm working at home to try and get a few road miles in to try and build my fitness up, and bring my weight down. The outlook for the next few days is cool and showery. Ho hum.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

How is your kettle ?

I hope it is well.

Is your bottom flash ?

Mine isn't. Damn, its right on a fold and don't copy too well. I have visited both of these places, but once (upon a time), when I was driving towards Flash Bottom from plain ordinary Flash, there was a pole, but no sign so I guess someone now has a signpost for Flash Bottom. Tee hee, snarf snarf etc. etc.

I first went to Kettlewell in the far-off and happy heady days of working in Bolton, which, according to Viz, is German for shitty arseholes, but may not translate exactly.

I could waffle on about the tremendous views from around Kettlewell, the very air that blows across the hill, the caves, the limestone pavements. But I'll just make do with this pic of a sunset from Oughtershaw Side, on the road to Hawes;

I had a nice picnic, one evening in May 1999 sitting by the beck in Langstrothdale, just down the hill from where this picture was take. And had a happy evening in June 2002 riding up that very same hill on my mountain bike.
Another Tuesday.

And what did you do ? Hied me off to the track on Friday, didn't ride, but watched for an hour
which froze my bollocks off. Blimey, where is global warming when you need it ?

Oh yes, today is cold and wet, what a pisser. Just as I get keen on riding my bike we have a week of cold rainy weather forecast.
Did some cyling over the weekend (23 miles on Saturday aft, in shorts), shooting on Sunday and drank some very cheap (60p per tin) Chzek lager on sunday. 16 slow cold miles yesterday afternoon.

Resting heart rate is 48 - good, weight 87.8Kg - bad. Need to loose 10Kg. Ha ha ha hahitty-ha.

The people opposite have moved out. So we cut the hedge to make it easier to drive onto our property. And left one of our green garden waste bags on their 'lawn'.
The only family in the road to have scruffy, unkempt gardens has gone. Strange people, she never seemed to be in, though the children seemed nice and well behaved. I had to knock their door a couple of times as there cars were blocking the road, she never replied. Is it because they is black ?
The house is up for sale much less than I expected, maybe its in bad condition inside, or is that because of the chav housing now built at the back ? There were kids throwing stones at our back wall yesterday evening, so maybe the sooner the chav housing is built behind us, the better. Maybe.

Its May, and in spite of 'record breaking April temperatures' as reported on the BBC weather site its been too cool to sit out comfortably in the evening. Tried it on Sunday but had to concede defeat after 10 minutes.