Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Another Tuesday.

And what did you do ? Hied me off to the track on Friday, didn't ride, but watched for an hour
which froze my bollocks off. Blimey, where is global warming when you need it ?

Oh yes, today is cold and wet, what a pisser. Just as I get keen on riding my bike we have a week of cold rainy weather forecast.
Did some cyling over the weekend (23 miles on Saturday aft, in shorts), shooting on Sunday and drank some very cheap (60p per tin) Chzek lager on sunday. 16 slow cold miles yesterday afternoon.

Resting heart rate is 48 - good, weight 87.8Kg - bad. Need to loose 10Kg. Ha ha ha hahitty-ha.

The people opposite have moved out. So we cut the hedge to make it easier to drive onto our property. And left one of our green garden waste bags on their 'lawn'.
The only family in the road to have scruffy, unkempt gardens has gone. Strange people, she never seemed to be in, though the children seemed nice and well behaved. I had to knock their door a couple of times as there cars were blocking the road, she never replied. Is it because they is black ?
The house is up for sale much less than I expected, maybe its in bad condition inside, or is that because of the chav housing now built at the back ? There were kids throwing stones at our back wall yesterday evening, so maybe the sooner the chav housing is built behind us, the better. Maybe.

Its May, and in spite of 'record breaking April temperatures' as reported on the BBC weather site its been too cool to sit out comfortably in the evening. Tried it on Sunday but had to concede defeat after 10 minutes.


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