Monday, March 19, 2007

A wasted weekend. Sanded down a garden chair, did nothing else. Yesterday cold, with hail and snow, global warming has made it cold again.

Shock, horror !
Britain is only third in the Euro binge-drinking league tables, beaten by the Finns (Who they ?) and the Irish, its just not good enough.

Ireland 34%
Finland 27%
UK 24%
Denmark 23%
Portugal 4%
Italy & Greece 2%

The Irish are really going for it ! Portugal, Italy and Greece are pathetic.

Reading A History of the Twentieth Century, Volume Two - 1933-1951. The fun-loving Swedes, who are now being eaten from within by Islamic immigrants, did their utmost to keep the Nazi war effort going by supplying iron ore and other vital raw matierials, and almost raised an SS unit all of their very own. So I'm quite happy to see the country that gave us the Volvo in deep shit.


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